The Agriculture Minister has confirmed that he will facilitate new talks aimed at resolving the ongoing beef dispute.

Michael Creed says that the talks will be held on Monday.

In a statement this morning, Minister Creed said there is now a basis for talks to begin after significant engagement with stakeholders.

He added that it is vital that stakeholders engage in a spirit of compromise.

Mr. Creed said that the dispute has the potential to inflict “long term damage on the sector” if it continues.

Protests are continuing at a number of factories across the country, as a Chinese delegation inspects some of the plants.

The row centres on the prices farmers get for their animals, and there have been calls for retailers to be included in the talks.

The Oireachtas Agriculture Committee met yesterday, and Michael Dowling, who chaired previous talks between all sides, was expected to appear but failed to do so.

Minister Creed confirmed that his department would be in touch with stakeholders during the day to make the necessary arrangements.

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