Latest Poll Confirms Millions Of People Continue To Choose Radio

“In a busy world, radio advertising is the destination of choice”, that’s the message from Gabrielle Cummins, Chairperson of the Choose Radio Group. The latest JNLR listenership figures released today show that Irish radio stations consistently deliver audiences of millions to advertisers and brands. Radio continues to be the audio medium of choice for people in Ireland with a massive 85% share of the audio market in Ireland.  This compares with 7.8% own music, 5.6% Spotify and 1.1% podcasts.

The statistics show 59% of the population of Co. Wexford listen to South East Radio every week.  South East Radio has the highest daily listenership percentage of all local radio stations in Leinster.  The figures comes as South East Radio celebrates 30 years on-air.

Our daily lives are busy and noisy. We’re bombarded with messages at every turn and it is difficult for advertisers, brands and businesses to cut through that noise so their message is heard. Here is where radio comes into its own. Regardless of whether you want to target the widest possible audience or speak to a niche interest group, there are radio stations and specific programmes which broadcast to every cohort.

Radio is the only mass medium that dovetails into our busy lives. You don’t need to be sitting in front of a screen, reading a paper, concentrating on a digital display or waiting for recommendations from friends for radio advertising to be effective. Messages broadcast on radio slot neatly into our lives without imposition or causing us to adjust our behaviour. There is no fast-forward on radio, no mute or block buttons – just great ads which get into your head!” added Gabrielle Cummins, Chairperson of the Choose Radio Group.

With a sample size of more than 16,000 people, the JNLR is the most robust research conducted in Ireland. The latest JNLR figures released today confirm the popularity of radio in Ireland with 81% of the population tuning in every day. This translates into weekday figures of 3.15 million listeners.

JNLR October 2019 – the facts

  1. 81% of people in Ireland listened to the radio yesterday.
  2. On average, they spend more than 4 hours with radio every day.
  3. When it comes to any audio listening in Ireland, live radio rules with 85%. This compares to 7.8% of owned music, 1.1% to podcasts and 5.6% to Spotify.
  4. Radio also dominates when compared with other media –53% of all adults in Ireland used Social Media yesterday and just 29% read a national newspaper last week.
  5. 207,000 people in Ireland listened to radio via a radio station App and 40,000 listened via the Irish Radioplayer in the last seven days.
  6. Irish radio’s strong on-air performance is complemented across its digital platforms with over 11 million social connections.

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