Number Of Covid 19 Cases In Wexford Continue To Rise – Latest Figures

The number of confirmed cases of Covid 19 in Co. Wexford continue to rise. 199 people have now been infected with the virus here.

Meanwhile a new report shows Co. Wexford is the area most exposed to economic disruption across the South East.

The report was complied by the Three Regional Assemblies of Ireland and it analysed each county’s potential exposure to economic disruption due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

It found Co. Wexford has the highest risk compared to all other counties across the South East.

The report says coastal and rural counties – such as Wexford are more likely to experience economic issues due to a reliance on business units which generally require human interaction.

The South East as a region has an exposure rating of 47.7% according to the report with over 7,500 units across various sectors likely to be worst effected.

199 confirmed cases of Covid 19 have now been recorded in Co. Wexford. That’s an increase of 9 over the weekend.

Wicklow now has 643, Kilkenny has 277, Waterford 143 and Carlow has 139 cases


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