No New Cases Of Covid 19 In Wexford – Three Patients Being Treated As Suspected Cases in Hospital

No new cases of Covid 19 have been diagnosed in Co. Wexford. However, three patients are being treated as suspected cases at Wexford General Hospital.

216 people have contracted corona virus here since the outbreak began in March.  Three new cases were identified in Co. Wexford over the past five days – one case last Friday night and two cases on Monday night.

Before that Co. Wexford had a 16 day run where no cases were confirmed. Nine additional cases were reported nationally yesterday for the second day.

The latest figures from the HSE show Wexford General Hospital currently has no confirmed cases on site. However, as of 8pm last night three patients were being treated as suspected cases of Covid 19 at the hospital. That’s an increase of two suspected cases in twenty four hours.

Wexford General Hospital currently has 30 vacant general beds and 7 vacant critical care beds.  Wicklow has 670 cases, Kilkenny has 345, Carlow 167 and Waterford has 154 cases.

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