90,000 passport applications to be processed in the next 8 weeks

A backlog of just under 90,000 passport applications will be processed in a matter of weeks, after the production of passports was deemed an essential service.

Operations are being scaled up as a result of the decision.

The Head of the Passport Office says the applications on hand should be cleared in 6 to 8 weeks.

Siobhan Byrne says there has been some limited passport production under level 5 restrictions.

“We continue to process applications for those in emergency circumstances and for those who need it for a variety of urgent reasons.

“It might surprise people as to why people would need a passport for urgent reasons.

“Reasons such as getting married, to open bank accounts.

“So we have processed a lot of those applications over the last few months

“And as well as that, we have processed almost 40,000 passports outside of emergency reasons also.”

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Photo  credit: flickr.com/Sarah-Rose



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