Hotline launched to inform Gardaí about illegal gatherings and parties

A special hotline has been set up in Donegal to allow people to tell Gardaí about illegal gatherings and parties.

It has been established by officers in Letterkenny, but will cover breaches in the entire county.

The new phone number was set up today, and the public can report incidents to 074-7167101.

NPHET has expressed concern at the rise in cases in Donegal recently.

The Vice President of the Garda Representative Association says he has reservations about a the hotline.

In recent days health officials have highlighted their concerns over the number of Covid cases in the county.

The telephone hotline was set up in Letterkenny to allow the public report parties and illegal gatherings.

GRA Vice President Brendan O’Connor says it’s unfair to put extra pressure on Gardaí.

“We don’t believe that our members are the solution to the problem and putting that responsibility on us is a bit unfair.

“We are told that the science is very advanced and we are told that it is a public leaht issue yet the Guards are lumped with the problem again.

“We are the only front line, 24 hour service that hasn’t been fully vaccinated.

“So sending us into peoples houses and sending us into the community doesn’t make sense.

“We will do it, but we have huge reservations.”

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Photo Credit: Pexels Images/Aleksandar Pasaric

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