Major relaxing of Covid restrictions gets underway today

A major relaxing of Covid restrictions gets underway today for the first time this year, with 12 thousand businesses expected to reopen this week.

Travel across counties and haircuts are allowed, as well as click and collect.

Religious services are also permitted, and galleries, museums and libraries are also back open.

On Friday, 50 thousand Covid-19 vaccines were administered here – the largest in a single day.

Religious services are allowed from today with restriction in place on the numbers allowed to attend.

Father Billy Swan who has recently transferred from Enniscorthy to Wexford says he is delighted.

“I’m delighted.

“It’s a day of hope, it’s a day of community, it’s a day of turning a new page and having a new beginning.

“I’m just delighted to welcome everybody back and to see everybody here at mass at Rowe Street and Bride Street.”

Fr. Richard Gibbons is the Parish Priest of Knock and Rector of Knock Shrine – he says people are looking forward to mass.

“We were certainly looking forward to this day and an awful lot of people that are due to come back to Knock Shrine here are looking forward to it.

“We know it is limited to 50 but of course that it extended to larger churches that can have pods of 50 like before.

“We are fortunate enough to do that in our Bascilica because its quite large.

“We are looking forward to welcoming back people to each of our masses.”

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Photo Credit: Pexels Images 

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