Wexford attractions to celebrate Bealtaine Living Earth Festival

photo by Jonathan Looby

Two Wexford visitor attractions are looking to celebrate nature, local heritage and sustainability in the South East this week.

The JFK Arboretum and Seal Rescue Ireland are both set to take part in the upcoming Bealtaine Living Earth Festival.

The New Ross venue will host an online tour of their facilities on Tuesday evening from half 5 where viewers can learn about their international conifer conservation project and how endangered species are being brought back to life.

Meanwhile on Thursday, Seal Rescue, which is based in Courtown you will be given a virtual all access tour of the hospital, hearing about seal ecology and the threats that wild populations are facing in modern oceans.

Now in its 17th year, the festival brings groups from across the south east together to celebrate biodiversity.

You can find out more on http://www.livingearth.ie.

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