Wexford farmer making just €1.90 an hour for 18 hour day

A Wexford farmer says his rate of pay for the work he carries out comes to a grand total of €1.90 an hour.

Mattie White from the Bannow area says he can work up to 18 hours a day and it’s causing him to lose sleep.

In an interview with the Farming Independent, the dairy farmer has highlighted the issues of rural farming and the difficulties in making a living while lowering emissions.

The 49 year old says he’s been working the land since he was 3 years of age and fears for the future of the farm which has been in his family for generations.

He fears he’ll have to reduce the herd size from 30 to 17 by 2030 and lays the blame at the door of the Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan and what he calls the “lettuce brigade”.


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