Wexford members of ISSU backs calls to lower voting age to 16

The Irish Second-Level Students Union says they will continue to enthusiastically campaign and advocate for the lowering of the voting age until young people can vote in every election in Ireland.

It follows legislative moves to lower the voting age to sixteen introduced in recent weeks.

They are urging all political parties and members of the Oireachtas to vote for any measure that would allow sixteen and seventeen year olds to participate in democracy.

Speaking to South East Radio, ISSU officer and 5th year student at Wexford CBS Quinton Kelly says age does not define strong decisions.

“Personally, at 16, I feel I would have been well educated by my school and those around me to make a mature decision that would impact my life.

“Young people have strong opinions and I feel regardless of pressure of those around them, they’ll make a decision that positively impact their lives as well.”

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