Councillors in Wexford are in line for a pay rise this summer

photo by Jonathan Looby

34 councillors representing 5 districts in County Wexford. are in line for a pay rise.

City and county councillors across the country will get an 8,000 euro anuual pay rise from the 1st of July.

Cabinet Ministers will be asked to approve implementation of the Moorhead report today, which recommends a 50 per cent pay rise.

They’re currently paid just over 17,000 euro a year but this will rise to 25,000 euro a year over the summer.

Independent TD and former councillor, Michael Fitzmaurice, believes the increase is justified.

“I actually do and I suppose you would be very popular if you said no.

“But I actually do for a simple reason.

“I have watched County Councillors and to be honest its nearly becoming a full time job.

“The 8,000 and 17,000 – it needs to be noted that that is taxable so they don’t up with that.”

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