Craze for coffee horseboxes set to continue after the summer has passed

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Coffee vans are here to stay in County Wexford as long as there’s a passion for good food and drink.

That’s the view of a business owner in the north of the county who is launching his horsebox today.

Cafein is based in Coolgreany and is the latest in the long line of new roadside ventures that have popped up in County Wexford and beyond.

Owner Jano Evans has dismissed the idea that these may be a fad and says the public want to support local businesses.

“There is some young people who are really passionate about coffee and they’re willing to put the time and the effort in.

“I think people are always going to come out and support somebody who is trying their best at what they’re doing.

“If you can do good coffee and food, it doesn’t matter if we have a lockdown or not, you’re going to survive and you’re going to do well.”

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