Popular tourist towns could face water shortages this summer

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Popular tourist towns could face water shortages this summer, including Wexford, as the holiday season gets into full swing.

Irish Water is appealing to the public to redouble their efforts to conserve water year round – but particularly during the seasonal increase in demand.

The company says it’s already working with local authorities on the issue but say small changes made in each household could make a big difference to the country’s supply.

Irish Water is predicting an increase in domestic and commercial demand for water over the coming months and customers are asked to take some simple measures to conserve water in their homes, their businesses and on their farms.

Small changes can have lasting results.

For example:

– Take a shorter shower and save up to 10 litres of water per minute

– Fix dripping taps or leaking toilets in your home

– When brushing your teeth or shaving, turn off the tap and save up to 6 litres of water per minute

– Save and reuse water collected from baths, showers, and hand basins in the garden

– Avoid using paddling pools

– In the garden use a rose head watering can instead of a hose and aim for the roots

– If you need to wash your car, use a bucket and sponge instead of a hose

Tom Cuddy, Irish Water’s Head of Asset Operations, says;” as rivers, lakes and groundwater levels reduce through the summer and autumn period, there is less water available for supply, while at the same time the warmer weather gives rise to increased water demands for domestic, agricultural and leisure uses.

“Safeguarding the supply of water is essential at this time when handwashing and hygiene is of critical importance.

“We are calling on everyone to play their part.”

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