Threshold of housing list means families are being “plunged into poverty”

The current rent situation in County Wexford is plunging people into poverty.

That’s the view of Labour councillor George Lawlor who says the threshold for access to the housing list is too stringent and hurting many families.

The income for a family with two children can’t exceed €33,000 or that family will not be able to receiving many of the housing supports.

Speaking on the Morning Mix, the former Mayor of Wexford says the lack of rental properties available is highlighting the unfair nature of housing the county.

“As of yesterday on, there were 22 units to rent in the whole of County Wexford, that’s houses and apartments. This means that the the market dictates that the price of rent will go up.

“If you’re looking for a two bed house in Wexford, you can expect to pay between €900 and €1,000.

“If you’ve been taken off the housing list, you don’t have the financial assistance to help you rent those houses which means you’re plunged into poverty again.”

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