Wexford County Development meeting called for postponement

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On Wednesday, cabinet approved the decision to extend the formation of all County Development Plans (CDP) by 12 months.

The CDP consists of a written statements and series of plans that describe how a local authority aims to use particular areas, for example, residential, industrial or agricultural areas.

It also sets out development objectives for the area, such as plans to improve roads and local amenities.

Wexford TD Verona Murphy has welcomed the cabinet decision to extend the formation of the County Development Plan by 12 months.

She says the plan as proposed at the moment does nothing to address the housing shortage in Wexford.

“In light of this cabinet decision, I now call on the Chair of Wexford County Council and the council to take advantage of the opportunity presented by yesterday’s cabinet decision and cancel all special planning meetings including the one proposed for next Monday.”

The Independent Deputy says the extension to 12 months will allow for proper public consultation without the constraints of Covid-19 restrictions.

“The public consultation period for the current CDP has occurred during Level 5 lock-down, the public should be afforded a consultation period where no lock-down exists.”

As of Friday morning, the meeting is going ahead as planned.

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