As Gaeilge names on Digital Covid Certs contain corrupt spelling

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People who spell their names in the Irish language won’t be able to use their Digital Covid Certs abroad due to a technical glitch.

That’s according to Conradh Na Gaeilge, after one of its staff noticed the fada on his name had been replaced with some unknown characters and letters.

It’s called on the Government to fix the issue with the fada, and re-issue the certs immediately.

General Secretary Julian De Spáinn says he wouldn’t feel confident using the Cert abroad because it doesn’t match his other ID.

“People are very wary about the differences between what’s on their passport and what’s on other certifications.

“I think this time they’ve made a mistake and to be honest we got in touch with them a number of weeks ago to ask them to sort the system in Irish when they issued the certs.

“I’m surprised to see it today that it wasn’t done properly”

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