Digital Covid Certificates will begin to arrive by post or email from today

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Digital Covid Certificates will begin to arrive by post or email from today.

They can be used by vaccinated people, those that have recovered from Covid or who have a negative PCR test to travel at ease through ports and airports across the EU.

Fully vaccinated people with either be emailed or posted their cert, while anyone who has recovered from Covid-19 will need to request one.

Travel Editor Irish Independent, Pol O Conghaile says those who don’t have the cert will face longer queues at airports.

“You can travel without the digital Covid certificate.

“You can use your HSE vaccine card and tourists coming into Ireland with other proofs of vaccination can do that too.

“What is going to happen though is you might have longer queues at the airport because that doesn’t have a QR code on it so it can’t be scanned.”

Wexford senator Malcolm Byrne says anyone who tries to forge of falsify the Covid cert will be prosecuted.

“If you falsify the document, it will be an offence.

“It’s like any document, people can falsify it the same way people have tried to falsify passports and driving licenses.

“There is bound to be an effort of people to do it.

“For those who do try to falsify it, it is an office and if they are caught they will be prosecuted.

“It is an official government document.”


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