McCauley Pharmacy to accept JAM card use in Wexford stores

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McCauley’s Pharmacies in County Wexford are hoping to become more inclusive by accepting the use of Just A Minute cards in their stores.

The JAM Card is used by people with invisible disabilities or social anxiety and allows customers to communicate with employees that they may need more help or time when doing their shopping.

Over 75,000 cards have been issued to people in Ireland.

Speaking to South East Radio, Tony McEntee, Chief Executive McCauley Pharmacy Group says the card enables a better service for both customer and employee.

He highlighted one recent example where the card can be used.

“One problem at the moment is that some people with anxiety have a problem with masks.

“Some of our stores are concerned about people that are coming in without masks but if you produce the card then you have an understanding.

“You’re avoiding a difficulty with a customer and instead you’re actually making them feel comfortable and like they’re at home.”

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