People who cancel vaccine appointment will no longer be offered one from today

Photo: Pexels Images

People who repeatedly cancel their vaccine appointment will no longer be offered a dose from today, under new HSE plans.

The health authority has begun implementing the policy for those who refuse 3 appointments.

It says the measure will increase efficiency at vaccine centres and ensure everyone who wants a jab gets one as soon as possible.

Consultant in infectious diseases, Dr Eoghan De Barra, believes it’s a pragmatic approach.

“No matter who is at fault or whether it is simply an error that somebody didn’t manage to turn up – you need to get an arm in that slot.

“I think there needs to be a system by which somebody who’s missed those 3 slots can then re-engage in the system.

“But at the pace that it needs to be done at the present time I think it’s reasonable they just need to keep getting arms in slots.”

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