Today marks 500 days since first Covid case was reported in Ireland

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An infectious diseases expert says Ireland needs to come up with a living with Covid plan, so the reopening of the country can continue.

It comes as 600 new cases of covid-19 were recorded here yesterday, while 16 people are in intensive care with the virus.

Today marks 500 days since the first case of the disease was reported in Ireland.

Jack Lambert, Professor of Infectious Diseases at UCD’s School of Medicine says we shouldn’t be overly focused on the daily case numbers.

“To has to be a way to live safely with Covid rather than just saying ‘hold on, slow down, the numbers are increasing.’

“You can’t for the future you cant plan for the reopening of our hospitality industry and our travel industry on this ‘yes but no but yes but no but’ changing everyday based on numbers because the numbers are not translating into impact in the hospitals.”

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