Wexford farmers in general are at disadvantage under new CAP

Photo: Pexels Images

The details surrounding the new CAP arrangements for farmers has been described as divisive.

At last week’s meeting talks focused on redistribution of payments and the controversial new Eco Schemes.

The Common Agricultural Policy is said to radically reshape Irish agriculture in the coming years.

Speaking on Morning Mix Barry Cassidy from the Irish Farmers Journal explains the range of views from Irish Farmers on the new CAP arrangements.

“There has been a range of different reactions from farm organisations and the likes of the IFA have said that productive tillage, beef, dry stock and dairy farmers will be significantly impacted by the deal and a large cohort of these in the country are in Wexford.

“Then on the other side with some saying that this deal hasn’t gone far enough and the Minister needs to use flexibility from Brussels to go further and redistribute more payments.”

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