Wexford Gardaí seize car that had paper pieces in place of insurance disc

Photo: Gardaí

Gardaí from the Wexford Divisional Roads Policing Unit conducted a checkpoint in New Ross this week and stopped two cars.

One had pieces of paper in the windscreen in place of an insurance disc.

The driver provided a false name and address, and were arrested.

It later transpired they had no driving licence or insurance and the car was seized.

A second car was also seized as the tyres of the vehicle were excessively worn and dangerous.

The driver in this cases was driving on a learner permit and unaccompanied at the time.

They also had no “L” plates displayed.

Prosecution is to follow in both cases.

Gardaí are urging road users to ensure their vehicle is road legal and safe for drivers and other road users before undertaking any journey.

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