Wexford couple to raffle off house for cancer research

A Wexford couple are looking to raffle off their house to help raise money for cancer charities.

David and Jane Joynes were originally from Cornwall in England but moved to Wexford 5 years ago after falling in love with the South East.

They are now looking to give away their house in the Clonroche area following the death of David’s brother to cancer.

50 thousand tickets are up for grabs with 10% of the proceeds going towards Worldwide Cancer Research

Speaking to South East Radio, David says it’s not just the house that’s up for grabs.

“We’re very happy and we love the house but we figured if we’re going to do this competition we want someone else to gain as well.

“If they succeed, they’ll get the house, they’ll also get £5,000 from us and the various odds and sods that we leave behind including a ride on mower.”

You can find out more on how to enter and donate here:

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