13 puppies found in plastic bag in Wexford

Theres been a reaction of shock and outrage at the news that 13 puppies were found in a plastic bag in peter’s square in wexford yesterday.

The discovery was made by a woman when she came back to her car and noticed the bag on the ground.

She thought she saw movement and on further investigation discovered the 13 puppies

It believed they could have been there for a number of hours.

The animals were in very poor condition and covered in faeces

The are now being cared for at O ‘Shea And Bramley Vetenary practice Distillary Road

Vet Martin Breen says they will make a full recovery, but the outcome could have been much different

Meanwhile Bridgid Cullen from the Wexford ISPCA says it’s disgusting to think that the puppies could have been left in a safe place only a short distance from Peter’s Square at their Centre on Distillary Road

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