8 teaching positions to be filled in the county as principals call for change

Teaching jobs are receiving only a fraction of the applications they would have in the past.

That’s the view of one secondary school principal in the county who worries pupil’s education will suffer unless teaching students are freed up from their college courses.

The two-year Professional Master in Education (PME) replaced the traditional nine-month HDIP as a measure to enhance teaching standards in schools but led to a sharp drop in applications.

One website used for hiring teachers is currently showing 8 positions free in the county in schools right around the region.

Rachel O’Connor from Ramsgrange Community School says it’s getting harder to fill the roles they need to keep up the standard of education.

“Currently we have an art position advertised.

“I remember 7 years ago when I first advertised for the position, I got nearly 80 CVs but this year I could count on one hand the amount of applications that we’ve received.

“That has been the trend over the last number of years.

“During the summer, there was up to 7 jobs advertised in my school alone and I’m only receiving a fraction of the applications that I would have received in the past.”

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