Bar must be “very high” for 5 to 11 year old vaccine approval says expert

Photo: Pixabay

An immunology expert says the bar will have to be “very high” for approving Covid vaccines for 5 to 11 year old’s.

Pfizer says a trial has shown its jab is safe and effective for children that age.

A significantly lower dosage was given than that administered to adults.

European regulators and NIAC would need to approve extending the rollout to 5 to 11 year old’s.

Paul Moynagh, Professor of Immunology at Maynooth University, says any decision will need to be carefully considered.

“Ultimately I think the bar has to be very, very high for children.

“It’s one of the positive things in terms that children are relatively resistant to a very mild disease.

“We have to ask these questions surrounding the safety of the vaccine for children.”

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