Calls to help struggling mental health services in October’s Budget

Charities can’t be expected to continue to pick up the pieces for Government’s failure to implement and resource the national mental health policy.

That’s according to Labour representative Annie Hoey who says the upcoming Budget needs to prioritise mental health services to stop people falling through the cracks.

The Minister with responsibility for Mental Health, Waterford TD Mary Butler recently told a Dáil committee that services are now operating at 85 to 90% capacity, with blended services often being offered with the help of NGOs.

This is coming at a cost to those charities who in some cases are struggling to cope.

The Ford Centre is running a Bikeathon for fundraising today and supporter of the group Maree Lyng says every cent is vital.

“The time right now is not good for fundraising.

“The Ford are fantastic and are doing great work for the community under the radar.

“If they don’t get the money in, then they can’t support the people so the more they get in the more support they can provide that’s the way it is.”

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