Covid-19 patients in hospital drops almost 20% in the past two weeks

Photo: Pexels Images

The number of Covid-19 patients in hospital has dropped by almost 20 percent in the past two weeks.

274 patients were receiving treatment last night down from 335 at the end of August.

There has also been a 25 percent decrease in the country’s five day moving average over the same period.

NPHET will meet this morning to consider the current Covid situation.

It’s also expected to consider easing the rules around close contacts due to the huge numbers currently presenting for a Covid-19 test.

30,000 swabs were taken yesterday, with pop-up sites being opened to ease pressure on the system.

Currently anyone who’s unvaccinated and is a close contact has to self isolate and take two PCR tests, one right away and another at the 10 day mark.

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