Expert warns Ireland should not get rid of all Covid restrictions next month

Photo: Pexels Images

A leading infectious diseases expert has warned that Ireland should not get rid of all Covid-19 restrictions in 3 weeks time.

Dr. Jack Lambert was reacting to latest figures showing that 40 people died of Covid 19 in the last week – up from 30 last week and 24 the previous week.

There were also 1,453 new cases.

Dr. Lambert says people will continue to die if we don’t keep some restrictions.

“In influenza pandemics, people die.

“We vaccinate people against influenza but the vaccine is not 100% efficacious

“So we have to have the same message for people with Covid.

“Covid is going to kill, it’s going to kill a lot less people with the vaccinations but it’s still a lethal virus.”

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