Frontline workers celebrated on National Services Day event in Wexford

A wreath laying ceremony has taken place in Wexford this morning to recognise the importance of our frontline workers.

Members of the fire brigade, Gardai, ambulance crew and others were gathered to remember those that have been lost on National Services Day.

The Wexford event is one of a number around the country giving thanks to the professionals and volunteers who work every day to make our society a better and safer place.

Owen Medland is one of the organisers and says it’s great to see the whole country turning out and praising those on the frontline.

“We’re delighted because we’ve spun out from being very Dublin centric to seeing events in Cork, Galway and of course Wexford this year.

“It’s really super and it presents and opportunity for the public to just give a round of applause or send a nice message on social media to our frontline workers.”

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