Licensed Vinters Assoc say late night fees for bars & clubs should be waived

Late night fees for bars and nightclubs in Wexford and nationwide should be waived for the next six months, according to the Licensed Vinters Association.

It says these businesses will hand over 2.2 million euro in total in special exemption fees to the Government before they reopen next month.

Special exemption orders – which allow premises to remain open for an additional two hours – require a payment of 410 euro for every night of late trading.

Chief Executive of the LVA, Donall O’Keefe, says maintaining these charges could have an impact across the nightlife sector.

“It will absolutely limit that amount of nights that they will reopen and that will have an impact on employment, live music, DJ’s, secutiry personnell and all the associated suppliers of these businesses.

“There is no doubt at all that it will constrict the sector and given all the industry has endured it’s really important that the government supports the sector.”

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