Pilot nightclub event tonight for first time in over 18 months

Photo: Pexels Images

For the first time in over 18 months a night-club opens it’s door tonight – for a pilot event.

The event in the Button Factory will see 450 people in attendance which is 60% of the venue’s capacity.

Digital Covid Certs and Antigen tests will be required to attend the event, which will see a number of DJ’s perform.

One of those is Sunil Sharpe, who also heads the ‘Give us the Night’ campaign, which has campaigned for a change to Ireland’s late night licencing laws.

He says this is more important than previous pilot events.

“What we learn from this event and how the report comes together afterwards will be a lot more comprehensive than other pilot events that have happened so far

“A lot of this is going to be in the hands now of venue owners.

“They can take the advice, some of them are already going to know how they are going to open and already have a plan.

“But there will be a big emphasis on personal responsibility going into the future.”

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