Refitting vacant homes seen as a way of dealing with Wexford rental crisis

The rental crisis in Wexford is reaching a tipping point and something must be done to stop it.

That’s according to Labour councillor Maura Bell who is calling on the council to turn around vacant homes for families to rent.

Many tenants are facing uncertain futures as landlords leave the market in Wexford Town.

Speaking to South East Radio, Councillor Bell says there’s no more time for excuses.

“We all know that there are houses in the town and the surrounding areas that have been boarded up for some time and I’m calling on the council to turn them around as quickly as possible.

“Let’s not make excuses anymore that we don’t have the workforce to turn them around or get them fitted out.

“Let’s turn them around and make them available for families and people to go into.”

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