Residents should be prioritised over data centres for electricity – Sheehan

A local councillor says people should be the priority when it comes to the threat of blackouts this winter.

EirGrid says the rest of the year will be ‘challenging’ – and there could be major outages between now and 2026.

The company says it’s due to a rise in demand for electricity, and the closure of older power plants.

Fianna Fail representative for New Ross Michael Sheehan says the needs of the public should be championed over data centres.

“At the moment, they are saying the centres will be occupying the bulk of the energy consumption towards the end of the decade.

“I’m sure they can factor that into the plans and the technology for the next 7 to 8 years.

“The residents and the businesses in Wexford and in Ireland should have a continuity of power.

“That power should be a mixture of fossil and renewable power.”

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