Two tier pay system affecting Wexford schools’ ability to hire teachers

The two tier pay system for teachers is making it harder to recruit new staff members into Wexford schools.

That’s the view of a principal in the county who says many are struggling to fill full time positions.

For years, teaching unions have called for an end to the practice of a pay gap between newly graduated teachers and their older colleagues.

There are currently 10 teaching positions need to be filled in schools right around the county.

Principal of the Ramsgrange Community School Rachel O’Connor says she doesn’t blame graduates for leaving and finding better work but it does impact on our education system here.

“If you’re sitting in the staff room next to a person and you’re not earning the same as them, it’s soul destroying.

“So why not go abroad where it’s not only sunnier but you’re also going to get paid the equivalent of what your colleague is getting paid.

“If you look at the different schools in the county, we all have students waiting for a teacher in the classroom and it really is something that needs to be addressed ASAP.”

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