Wexford man details family’s battles with E Coli following water scandal

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As the investigation continues in to the contamination of the public water supply in Gorey last month, a resident has detailed the illness he picked up as a result of dirty water.

The EPA has been very scathing in it’s criticism of the systems failure at the Creagh water treatment plant in Gorey and also the subsequent breakdown in communications.

It’s believed 52 people developed health problems in the days that followed the contamination of the water in the Gorey area.

Speaking on Morning Mix Jason from Wexford outlines how he and his 7 year old son Oliver were recently afflicted by a virulent strain of E Coli and how it leads to hospitalizations in some cases.

“On the Friday of that week, Oscar was particularly bad and wasn’t able to keep anything down at all with abdominal pain.

“It continued the next day so we went to the hospital and he was admitted to Wexford General Hospital.

“I had been vomiting as well. They recorded an E Coli test and sent it down to Waterford.

“My wife got a call from Public Health and they informed her that Oscar had picked up E Coli VTEC.”

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