Wexford road users asked to think twice ahead of Make Way Day

Road users are being encouraged to take extra time and think about how their actions can affect those with mobility issues.

Tomorrow is Make Way Day which is a campaign that looks to raise awareness around the issues that face wheelchair users and the visually impaired.

Cars are often left up on footpaths or in disabled parking spaces which creates unnecessary hassle for someone who is trying to make their way around a town.

Michael Hennessy is a wheelchair user from the south of the county who goes by “The Struggle is Wheel” on social media.

He says the recent addition of outdoor dining has created extra problems in places.

“A restaurant could have a menu board just out in the middle of the footpath which might only be a metre and a little bit wide and you just can’t get around something like that.

“This is an obstacle that we don’t need because it’s hard enough going around in a wheelchair.

“So definitely I have seen more obstacles in our way because of the outdoor dining.”

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