Government launch new legislation that’ll ban free bets if it becomes law

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The Government’s launching new Gambling legislation today, that’ll ban free bets if it becomes law.

It’s part of the Department of Justice strategy to reform gambling in this country, and will install a regulator to oversee businesses.

While a fund means those winning money will have a portion of that go towards treating another person’s addiction.

Junior Justice Minister James Browne says it’ll clamp down on all types of deals.

“We are going to bring in a policy of limits.

“We are going to end credit gambling.

“We are going to end free bets.

“We are going to end VIP and other types of allurements to encourage people to gamble.

“We are also going to bring in education, awareness and a social fund that means those benefit from gambling will pay for peoples health treatment where people are developing addictions out of gambling.”

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