Supports out there for families in Wexford going through drug addiction

Families who are dealing with drug addiction issues are being encouraged to reach out to those who know what they are going through.

Narcotic support groups in County Wexford say there has been a move towards synthetic type drugs which can lead to dependence and danger.

The South East Family Support Network offers people the chance to talk about their loved ones addiction through peer groups in an effort to create a support network.

Speaking to South East Radio, Coordinator Breda Fell says it can be more beneficial than trying to figure out the solutions on your own.

“If you do come forward, you will find that you will have people that will understand where you’re coming from.

“It’s confidential, it’s non judgmental so family members will be able to share their experience and get the information that they need.

“They can also find ways that they can respond as a family to the problem.”

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