Wexford farmers will be represented tomorrow when IFA meets Lidl

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Wexford farmers will be represented tomorrow when the IFA meets with Lidl to discuss the below-cost selling of food.

The Irish Farmers Association says its members are angry over the supermarket offering a 1.9kg chicken for 3 euro 49, which it describes as ‘totally unsustainable’.

Wexford IFA’s Ger O Mahony says farmers are simply not getting paid for their product.

“It’s quite obvious that the primary producer, which is the farmer in all of the different commodities, is not actually getting paid what he is due.”

IFA President Tim Cullinan says they want the price of meat increased otherwise some will just throw in the towel.

“What we are looking for here is a price increase going back to the process of food across all sectors.

“This has to happen immediately.

“Only last week, farmers having been telling me that there are horticulture farmers who are giving up their posts completely.”

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