All Request Lunch with Lee Hynes





Fun quizzes, lots of giggles & of course great company is guaranteed when you tune into Lee Hynes from noon til 3pm for his lunchtime show!

South East Radio’s All Request Lunch is a 3 hour rollercoaster ride of fun, music, entertainment, news, info and Lee’s award winning personality, well that’s what he’ll tell you anyway!!

The show is your show- you tell Lee what you would like to hear and he will play it- simple as.  Stay informed at lunchtime with news at the top of the hour each hour.  Lee will of course entertain you with soundbites from the world of the glamourous and the beautiful.

There’s so much we could’ve put into the South East Radio All Request Lunch but we just don’t have the room, we’re bursting at the seams!


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