Crash beds for homeless urgently needed as we head into winter

A Wexford County Councillor is calling for the immediate establishment of crash beds for rough sleepers in the county.

The topic of emergency accommodation for the homeless population in Wexford Town is one that has been up for discussion for years and yet many feel the answers haven’t been provided.

A crash bed is classified as a short term fix for homeless people especially used during bad weather.

The latest figures show that 8,475 people were recorded as homeless in September, with children making up more than a quarter of those without a home in the State.

There’s a fear that many more are “couch surfing” and are at risk of ending up on the streets.

Representative for the Rosslare District Jim Codd says there will be fatal consequences if something isn’t done.

“The weather could break at any given moment and when it does, we’ll be talking about deaths.

“Remember, a man who was homeless passed away here not so long ago and we don’t want that ever again.

“Now it’s time that we stepped up to the mark and dealt with this and dealt with it now.”

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