Earthquake In Co. Wexford


A minor earthquake was reported in Co. Wexford last night.

The tremour was felt in towns and villages streching across a large area of the county at around 8.45pm last night.

Initial readings from Irish semismograms were unclear, however a recording of the quake was made at a station in the Isle of Anglesey, off the coast of Wales. It picked up a faint tremor across County Wexford.

Director of the Irish National Seismic Network Tom Blake said a station at Carrickbyrne in Wexford picked up no obvious tremor.

Mr. Blake confirmed the data from the Welsh station does show a “low magnitude” earthquake did occur with the strongest readings in the County Wexford area.

Hundreds of people on South East Radio’s facebook page described hearing a loud bang, while others felt a rumble and vibration which lastest a few seconds.

So far there have been no reports of any damage.

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