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What is the Enniscorthy Credit Union Green Loan?

In early 2020 Enniscorthy Credit Union introduced its new Green Loan. This loan gives customers a lower rate of interest which can be used used for home improvements and/or to purchase a hybrid or electric car. This low-rate green loan was in response to the publicity that Enniscorthy was getting in 2019, as having one of the worst air qualities in Ireland.  Air pollution in Enniscorthy was almost ten times the EU safety levels. EPA surveys had shown that in certain Irish towns, like Enniscorthy and Gorey, air quality could be at the same levels as Beijing, Bombay, and other major third world capital cities.  By offering a low-rate Green loan Enniscorthy Credit Union offer an affordable way for their members to make their homes energy efficient.


Why Choose Enniscorthy Credit Union Green Loan?

The Green Loan will help the local community make changes that will benefit everyone and for this reason the Green Loan is currently being offered at a low rate of 5.25% APR of 5.4%. The green loan is for any work that will improve the energy rating of the home or reduce the carbon footprint of the member. This special rate also covers Hybrid and Electric Vehicles. An added benefit to members is their return on investment, saving money on their car tax, running costs and fuel/heating bills once the work is completed. Enniscorthy Credit Union offer straightforward loans with very flexible terms and transparent terms and conditions. For example, there will never be any hidden charges or admin fees, nor will there be any stressful balloon payment at the end of the loan term. Enniscorthy Credit Union will work with borrowers to ensure the loan repayments are structured in a way that best suits their financial circumstances. There are grants available for some of the work so an added benefit is that the member might want to pay back some of the initial loan. There are never any penalties for doing this!


Efficient Energy Use

Enniscorthy Credit Union are an excellent example of how a local financial institution have incentivised customers to embrace efficient energy use by offering a special rate for going green and reducing their carbon footprint. By offering lower rates Enniscorthy Credit Union are helping the local community. The Green Loan is an example of how efficient energy use is becoming increasingly important in people’s lives.


Loans are subject to approval.  Terms and conditions apply.  If you do not meet the repayments on your loan, your account will go into arrears.  This may affect your credit rating.

Enniscorthy Credit Union Limited is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

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