Expert says vaccine passports should be extended beyond October 22nd

The use of Covid vaccine passports should be extended beyond next Friday, according to a leading infectious diseases consultant.

They’re due to be abolished on October 22nd, when nightclubs are due to reopen.

But the government will make a final decision on Tuesday about whether to change the plan, due to the worsening Covid situation.

Professor Cliona Ni Cheallaigh, from St James’s Hospital in Dublin, believes the use of vaccine passports should continue.

“I think vaccine passports are a good idea.

“We know that Covid likes to spread in indoor areas when people are unmasked.

“I personally wouldn’t be comfortable eating in an indoor environment if I didn’t already know that everyone was vaccinated.

“As the vast majority of the adult population in Ireland are vaccinated, it just adds that extra layer of safety that there would not be someone unvaccinated in that indoor environment.”

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