Happy Birthday! South East Radio is 24 years old.

South East Radio began broadcasting on the 20th October 1989. Now 24 years on, South East Radio continues to bring the best of local, national and international news and sport to the 62,000 adults tuning in every week.

As the No. 1 radio station in County Wexford, producing pioneering programme content is foremost in growing that position. Winning a gold and bronze PPI at this year’s PPI Gala awards ceremony at the Lyrath Hotel in Kilkenny is recognition from industry peers that South East Radio’s programme content is “innovative and current”

The team at South East Radio are at the cold face of issues affecting those living in Co Wexford and surrounding areas. Bringing “No Phone No Facebook” to participating schools in Co Wexford, resulted directly from concerns raised by listeners to the levels of suicide amongst our young people.  Campaigning to maintain local hospital services has been at the heart of South East Radio and we are delighted to say resulted in not only maintaining the A&E services provided but will improve them beyond recognition in a new custom built A&E facility. These are just a couple of current initiatives that we are privileged to lead in our role as local radio station and will continue to do so  during our new 10 year licensing period. 

Of course we also like to play “The Best Sounds Around” as our slogan rang out in the 1990s and entertain you with great competitions and promotions. Partnering this year with Speigeltent and the Wexford Festival Opera helps shines a spotlight on both the Opera Festival and the fringe entertainment, with the Speigeltent  a newer element to the festival for locals to appreciate.

We would like to thank our advertisers and listeners for their support over the last 24 years  and of course our staff who work tirelessly to bring the best in local radio to County Wexford.

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