Inland Fisheries to recruit in Wexford

Inland Fisheries Ireland are recruiting for new seasonal Fisheries Officers in Wexford.

Pauline McNulty from the IFI who is part of the HR team and directly involved with the recruitment drive told South East Radio earlier today that there are three posts available.

Seasonal Fisheries Officer (Protection) – Wexford Wexford, Ireland

The role of Fisheries Officer has 2 main areas of responsibility;

  1. Fisheries Protection
  2. Fisheries Conservation & Development

A Seasonal Fisheries Officer with a focus on Fisheries Protection can expect to work collaboratively with an experienced team of Fisheries Officers, Assistant Fisheries Inspectors and Fisheries Inspectors on some of the below;

  • Foot, vehicle and boat patrols on/along lakes, rivers, sea, coast and estuaries to check for illegal fishing
  • Covert and overt surveillance activities to check for illegal fishing
  • Enforcement of the applicable bye-laws and regulations as required
  • Prosecution of offenders, including giving evidence and testifying in court

You can find out more about our Fisheries Protection work here.


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