Irish Adults Have Poorer Reading Skills Than Other Developed Countries


A major global report on education has found that Irish adults have much poorer reading skills than other developed countries.

While over-55s are broadly in line with the OECD average, the percentage of 25 to 34 year olds with high literacy skills is almost three times lower than in Finland.

The findings come despite the fact that more Irish students graduate from secondary school than most other OECD countries and that Ireland has the third-highest level of investment in each student’s education.

The report also says Ireland lags behind its rivals in early childhood education – with just 42 percent of three year olds in some sort of education, compared to a 70 percent average across the OECD.

Pat King, ASTI General Secretary, says it shows there needs to be more investment in early childhood education.

“Pre-school is hugely important in later development – all the studies show this” he said.

“I think investment in pre-school education in Ireland is very, very limited compared to other European countries”.

“So…I am not surprised it would have an impact later on; but the facts are that the time they get into secondary school and beyond, Irish students do well” he added.

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