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Who are Love Energy?

Love EnergyLove Energy Ltd are Ireland’s newest Renewable Energy Brokers and are based in Blackwater Co. Wexford. They specialise in getting business owners, large and small, the best price for their energy.  Love Energy make sure that their customers are on the best energy rates on the market. By dealing with energy providers on their customers behalf, Love Energy can save customers money on their energy bills every year.


Why Love Energy?

One of the biggest overheads that a business has to worry about is its electricity and energy costs. Love Energy will make sure that your business is in the best position possible by completing a mini energy audit on-site and then sourcing the best energy solutions for you. The best part is that this service completely FREE!! Businesses could save thousands of euros per year by simply being on better energy rates. If you’re on the best possible rate already, Love Energy will let you know and no further action is needed. If you do not wish to switch providers then Love Energy will deal with your current provider to get you the best rate that they have.

Efficient Energy Use

Love Energy are an example of a local company which have had great success by looking at how energy is used in businesses and striving to make it more efficient and in turn saving customers money. By doing the work for their clients Love Energy ensure that business can really save money without spending it first.  Love Energy are an example of how efficient energy use is becoming increasingly important in people’s lives.


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