Martin Rules Out Coalition With Fine Gael Or Sinn Fein


The Fianna Fail leader is insisting his government will not go into coalition with Fine Gael after the next general election.

Micheal Martin says he is hearing a lot of resistance from voters to what the bigger government party is doing in office, and claims there has been a drift to the right in Fine Gael economic policies.

He is also adamant that Sinn Fein is not a prospective partner in coalition.

However speaking during his parliamentary party gathering in Roscommon this morning, Micheal Martin refused to be drawn on whether Labour is the only option left – he says policies are his priority.

“Let’s be honest her: it is a fragmented political situation, we know that from the local elections, but it’s up to the Irish people” he said.

“The most important option for us is to make sure that the policies we believe in and are convinced about get implemented – that can happen in a number of ways – in government or out of government”.

“That’s the number one priority, and that’s where we have to being politics to” he added.

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